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A Natural Nasal Decongestant that relieves nasal and sinus congestion due to colds or hay fever without drowsiness

Homeopathic Formula

Gluten Free

Active ingredients
(in each tablet)
Euphrasia officinalis 1X HPUS Relieves nasal, sinus, throat, upper respiratory inflammation with discharge
Urtica dioica 1X HPUS Treats mild rhinitis (runny nose) due to allergies
Hydrastis canadensis 1X HPUS Mild astringent/anti-inflammatory agent for nose, sinuses, mild post-nasal drip
Vitis vinifera, 1X HPUS Supportive antioxidant, slight expectorant
Echinacea purpurea 1X HPUS Adjunctively supports immune system in recurring infections, post-nasal catarrh (inflammation of mucous membranes).
Allergy Alert: Rare allergic reaction to Nettles (Urtica dioica) can include • skin reactions • sweating • digestive complaints
Condition Alert: Persons with auto-immune illness or progressive illness (HIV, TB, MS, for example) should avoid regular Echinacea use.
• Adults and children 12 or more years of age: take 1 or 2 tablets 3 times daily with meals. An extra dose may be taken at bedtime if needed. Do not exceed 8 tablets in a 24 hour period. The smallest effective dose should be used. Do not give to children under 12. Do not exceed recommended dose.

Inactive ingredients: Lactose, vegetable stearic acid, vegetable cellulose.

Made in the USA in a FDA Registered Facility using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)

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Category: Herbs and Mushrooms

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